Informative and Personalized Tours

This option is ideal for those who like to wander calmy and not getting tired physically and learn more about this Region.

During these walks I will introduce you to the misteries of the Alentejo and you can choose which walks take your preference.

Ideal for familys!

Discovering the medicinal and aromatic plants (Forest of Troviscais)

During this walk we will discover the secrets behind the plants which we will find along the trail. I will show you how to use the plants in medicine and culinary. We also will enjoy the presence of the most clean river in Europe, Rio Mira.

Tip: The best Season to find Flowering Plants is the Spring time!

Time: 3 hours

1-2 pax50 euro
3 or more people20 euro/person

Shiny Stones in the Cork Oak tree Forest (São Luis/Vale Bejinha- Roundtrip)

We will walk into a beautifull cork oak tree forest, where we have an amazing view to the Atlantik Ocean. On the ground you will see shining stones. In this type of ecossistem we will enjoy the richness of life by listening the sound of the birds and the history of the trees.

Time: 3 horas

2 pax50 euro
3 or more people20 euro/person

Fauna and Flora of the Coastal Ecosystem (Praia das Furnas- Roundtrip)

During low tide we will discover the diversity of living beings that lives between the coast and the ocean. I will give you a different point of view on the beach that´s much more then bathing.

Time: 3 hours

2 pax50 euro
3 or more people20 euro/person

To the Top of the Nature Park Alentejano and Vicentin Coast (São Luís – Roundtrip)

We will climb the highest point of the Nature Park Alentejano and Vicentin Coast, with an extraordinary view. Then we will climb another amazing mountain, the home of the rare Bonelli eagle. Along the way i show you the different types of trees and tell you the history behind them. In the winter time we can found some edible mushrooms.

Time: 4 hours

2 pax60 euro
3 or more people25 euro/person

The Barn of Portugal and a Visit to the Windmill (Troviscais-Odemira)

We will walk into a region that was an important place for the cultivation of cereals and rice in the past. We will head to the River of Mira that will accompany along the way to Odemira. I will show you the diferent species of trees and plants that we will find.

In Odemira we make a visit to the Windmill where you can learn how flour was made in the past and take some with you.

Time: 4 hours

NumberPrice including Transfer
2 pax70 euro
3 or more people30 euro/person

“Ilha do Pessegueiro” a walk including a visit to the historic Island

Starting the trip in the fishing village, Porto Covo, following to the fishing port, where awaits the boat with a guide who will take us to know the history on the island of the peach tree.

Out of the Season (*) you can opt for a guided walk to the Fort.

Time: Total 4 hours

Walking: 2 hours/Visit to the Island : 2 hours

2 Pax100 euro
3 or more people40 euro/person
*Season of the visit to the island: 15 June- 15 September

If you dont want Transfer choose the Roundtrips, its even cheaper!

-all prices don’t include TRansfer-

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