Guided Walks

The tours include all of the Rota Vicentina Walks in the Alentejo. You can choose the walks and will be guided by a local Native Marine Biologist who will unravel the secrets of the surroundings and will always be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Some examples:

From the Land to the Ocean (Cercal-Porto Covo)

During this walk we will see diferent species of endemic and invasive trees and learn some things about them. At spring time we will find different types of medicinal and aromatic plants. Always we see the big ocean in the horizont. Then we will arrive at a tradicional fishermans village, Porto Covo.

Distance/Time: 16,5 km/5 hours

2 pax80 euro
3 or more people30/person

Rocks that tell stories and beaches that bring Fado (Zambujeira/Alteirinhos-Odeceixe Mar)

We will walk on the Fishermans Trail, always side by side of the Atlantik Ocean. We will see the amazing rocks who brings scientists over around the World to study the Tectonic plates. We will also find some traces of Fado in this region. Opportunity to dive into the blue ocean (take swimwear with you).

Distance/Time: 14 km/ 6 hours

2 pax90 euro
Groups (3 or more people)35/person

Plants and Legends of a Paradise (Castelão-Ponte de Sol posto)

We are going to walk a trail within special Ecosystem, side by side of the “Ribeira Torgal” who direct us to the “Pego das Pias” a little Paradise where you can take a dip. On the road we will find diferent species of medicinal and aromatic plants, listen the sound of birds and find some traces of endemic animals.

Distance/Time: 12 km/5 hours

2 pax70 euro
3 or more people25/person

Roundtrips: Ideal if you have your own transport!

To the Chapel of the Snow Saint (Monte da estrada-Roundtrip)

We will walk into the wild Alentejo and see different types of trees and plants. We will start by climbing a moutain that will tell us a mystical history. On the top we can enjoy an amazing view during a tasty lunch. On the road back we taste holy water.

Distance/Time: 13km/5 hours

2 pax70 euro
3 or more people25/person

In the footprints of the European Elephant (Praia do Malhão)

We will take the fishermans trail in direction to the South. The atlantik ocean will always accompany us. The rocks told us the history of the time of Pangea, and also show us the existence of Elephants in that area. In spring time the diversity of colors in the sand will fascinate you! At the end of the tour there is the option to make a visit to the fishing port. Opportunity to dive into to the crystal clear ocean (bring swimwear)!

Tip: Enjoy a Drink/Seafood, after the Walk, at an amazing Restaurant with a beautiful panoramic view at the Atlantik Ocean!

Distance/Time: 7 km/3,5 hours

2 pax50 euro
3 or more people20/person

Walk through the colorful dunes and cross the bright river (Almograve-V.N. de Milfontes) Includes boat crossing

We will walk along the fishermen´s trail, between colorful dunes, full of life. The ocean will be our faithful companion until the arrival in Europe’s cleanest River that invites us to dive into it. Is where the boat will take us to the princess of alentejo, Vila nova de Milfontes.

Distance/Time: 12km/5 hours

Number Price
2 pax85
3 or more people35/person
Price includes the Boat trip!
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